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IDM Full v6.37 Build 12 Silent Install

IDM is considered to be a leading software in software that supports Download due to its extremely fast download speed. This is an indispensable software for those who often have to download data online.

The features of IDM software

  • Automatically change bandwidth or download according to the schedule the user installs and saves as a list of downloaded files.
    Automatically link files, applications that are trying to download from the network after it has been detected.
  • Allows users to download multiple file types at the same time.
  • The main algorithm of this software is dynamic fragmentation of downloaded files, splitting the file to be downloaded into sections to speed up the download.
  • Support recover download links that were previously downloaded by reopening the download page to let IDM catch new links automatically.
  • Automatically link multimedia files (mp3, mp4, ...) that are being viewed online in a browser.
  • Support downloading videos from sites like YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV,..
  • Store and manage the list of downloaded files. Allow download schedule.
  • Supports a lot of browsers such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera.
  • Supports download protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, MMS and FTP.
  • Support download file name and file description with Unicode characters.
  • Support for multiple identifier protocols such as Basic, NTLM, Keberos, Negotiate makes it easy for IDM to access and download data from servers that require a username and password.
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