Update Control v1.1 - Tool to Turn off Windows Update Windows 10

Update Control 1.0 is a tool to quickly turn on and off Windows Update of Windows 10. By default, Windows Update will turn on and when there is a new update, it will automatically install installed patches and drivers for the operating..

    Advanced Module Manager PRO v7.13.2 - Take control over modules in Joomla

    Module Manager component allows you to attach modules to everything in a row, or only where necessary. For a specific module, you can set certain conditions, upon occurrence of which, the module will have display properties as hidden or..

      Defender Control v1.6 - Turn off Windows Defender Quickly

      Windows Defender is included with Windows. It's a small piece of software that runs in the background to help protect, your computer from malware, such as viruses, spyware, and other unwanted malware...
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